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Safety. Own it.

We focus on team safety to ensure every employee arrives home safe and sound whatever their role. This includes training our staff in the latest safety procedures and using the highest quality equipment as part of our processes.

Our Four Areas of Focus

  • Train for Safety
  • Engage for Safety
  • Work Safely
  • Get home Safely
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Safety is critical to our success

The Safety, Health and Sustainability team (SHS), senior management and all stakeholders are committed to building a robust Safety Learning Culture. Our newly articulated vision for safety, contained in the phrase “SAFETY. OWN IT” will set the scene going forward.

What TIL are doing about safety

The TIL health and safety team has changed from business unit focus to a regional focus, under a new management structure. We will also be moving from having multiple safety systems to a new risk-based solution across the Group. This is an exciting move and we will be bolstering resources in this area as we move to a more revised TIL Group framework for Health, Safety and Sustainability.

Driver Safety

We aim to define and implement a robust solution related to learning culture and "in vehicle" technical solutions. Assisting improved approaches to driver development, speed related challenges, fatigue, cameras to assist learning from the external operating environment and other tools to assist road and driver safety, as well as inform learning initiatives as we move from ''who failed" to "what failed" approaches to safety systems.