Who’s Who?

Sep 19 2018

Liquid Logistics – ISO tank specialists


Liquid Logistics is a TIL owned company specialising in the shipment of bulk liquids such as chemicals, oil and gas in tank containers nationally and internationally.

Based on Richard Pearse Drive near the Auckland Airport, Liquid Logistics is a niche freight forwarding business. The company is part of an international network of agents and offices around the world offering its customers a global service including shipping, customs, inland transport, leasing and storage of ISO tanks, says the company’s New Zealand Manager, Tanja Latham-Zurbruegg.

“As many of the products we currently ship are hazardous, using quality equipment with the correct safety and legal procedures is a cornerstone in the Liquid Logistics’ operations,” says Tanja.

“Being able to supply a seamless service without any hassles to or from anywhere in the world is an important part of our success to date. With the expertise and additional resources of the TIL Group we look forward to growing the business even further.”