Welcome to the first edition of Dispatches – our TIL Group newsletter!

Sep 19 2018

As we start to see the first signs of spring start to arrive and the days getting longer we all should be feeling pretty good about the forthcoming summer. Most of us love our warmer months after winter and I am no exception. I believe next year will be a strong year as construction and homes still need to be built, produce from the farms to harvest, tourists to cater for as well as our own domestic demand and growth.

I have now been at the helm for five months and what a privilege it is to be part of a new public company with the history, values and size of TIL. Across our businesses I have found tremendous pride and loyalty to the brand in which our people work and the customers to which they serve. This in conjunction with being part of a much larger and therefore capable group is our strength. I embrace our diversity and actually encourage it.

TIL is a company going places. People from all aspects of life whether they are employees, customers, suppliers or community members have the ability to invest in our future and I find that exciting. I would love to reach a point where all our employees and customers are shareholders.

Through this newsletter you will read about our successes and our technology thrust. You will read about how important it is to do everything safely and get yourself and your work colleagues home healthy and fit every single day. Nothing is more important than this.

Going forward we have a lot to do. There are some tremendous projects with regard to existing customers, new warehouses for MOVE, technologies to implement and new customers to secure. I am looking forward to the next several years and add to the 149 years we have already achieved to date.

All the best,

Chief Executive Officer - TIL Logistics Group