TIL Freight moves – big bridge beams!

Sep 19 2018

TIL Freight’s Otaki branch has a serious reputation for moving anything very, very big!

Managed by former driver, Roman Murray, the team are currently transporting 254 massive bridge beams as part of the lower North Island PP20 road project – the Pekapeka to Otaki expressway. To be used on bridges and over-passes along the route, the beams range from 27 to 35 metres long and weight anything from 48 to 59 tonne!

With an all up weight reaching up to 95 tonne, the main tractor work horse is a 525 Hp Mack Elite with a low ratio gear box that happens to be Roman’s former truck – but he’s too busy to get behind the wheel now with a booked up driving crew of 14 drivers.

The beams are transported with a crew of two drivers – one in the Mack and one on the motorised jinker unit at the rear. There’s also two pilot vehicles ahead of the load, one at the rear, as well as a supervisor forward of the whole convoy spotting potential difficulties, says Roman.

“These beams are manufactured by Fletchers Pre-construction depot in Paraparaumu,” says Roman. “We worked for Fletchers for three years on the McKay to Pekapeka expressway – and tendered and won this job for them as well.”

In fact, the team’s “can do” attitude means they are working for a number of suppliers of large pre-cast concrete structures all around the country. To handle large, heavy, and sometimes odd shaped loads the branch has its own range of low-loaders and trombone trailers to negotiate along New Zealand’s winding roads from manufacturing site to building site.