MOVE Looking Good

Sep 19 2018

MOVE Looking Good

Earlier in the year the MOVE Christchurch drivers polished their trucks for the annual Christchurch Fleet Photo. It was a great success, and we rewarded several of our MOVE drivers and fleet, for the sharpest looking gear across four categories. Congratulations to;

  • Top Flat Deck – Fleet Number 3929
  • Top Crane Trucks – Fleet Numbers: 3953, 3954, 3951
  • Top Trucks – Fleet Numbers: 3900, 3955
  • Top Tractor Units – Fleet Numbers: 3924, 3918, 3917


Congratulations to the following drivers; Dale Thompson, John MacDougall, Rangi Hancy, Kristian Arps, Edward Quijano, Steve Comyns, Bruce Aranui, Darryll Husband, Slava Endjievschi.

Each of these drivers has been presented with a voucher to recognise their effort shown in the presentation of their vehicle! Well done to everyone involved.