Incab Tech developments at TIL Freight

Sep 19 2018

Geoff Yates, Management Account & New Technology Team Leader

There are some exciting technologies that TIL Freight is moving forward with over the coming months.

We hope that staff will embrace these products/technologies and make use of the training all staff will be offered.


E-road is the company we use to provide TIL Freight with Electronic Road User Charges (RUCs) and GPS tracking of our Fleet.

The majority of the TIL Fleet is equipped with Generation1 E-road equipment. A few of our newer units have the newer Generation (Gen) 2 devices in cab. Starting in August we will be fitting all units with Gen 2 devices. This roll out will take place by branch and should be completed by November. The Gen 2 units which are driver facing, allowing for instantaneous driver speed alerts to better manage speed resulting in safer journeys.


Electronic Logbooks

The days of paper logbooks are slowly disappearing. Over the next few months TIL Freight will be moving to Electronic Logbooks using an E-road application (app) on smart phones and tablets. All drivers will be supplied with a smart phone, tablet or have shared access to one in a fleet unit. This software means compliance will be easier. With a couple of taps of the screen your logbook will start.


Mercury is a product we have created to augment our existing Transport Management Software (TMS) that we call Hercules. Mercury will provide customers and staff with up to date screens presenting a fresher look and additional features. These include dynamic addresses (start keying a company name or address and the system will complete it), better search capabilities and easy on line freight tracking.

In Cab Technology

Sign on glass technology has been standard technology in the courier industry for a number of years. TIL Freight have trialled this previously. We have now bitten the bullet to go full on with this technology. This will include scanning of con notes, and the ability to upload photos of delivered items. By this Christmas we should have this technology up and running in all facets of our business. This is a great advance for us and will be a valuable tool.


New Dispatch System

Coupled with our new In Cab Technology we will be operating new Dispatch software. In the future we will be commissioning a system that will allow the scanning of freight on and off fleet units to make our loading and manifesting more accurate.

I am excited with the steps we are taking to bring into TIL Freight this latest technology. TIL Freight will continue to establish ourselves as industry leaders in New Zealand.