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New 50MAX Custom Build Units On The Road

Mar 15, 2016

Since the legislation enabling 50MAX (50 tonne) units on the roads was passed in late 2013, TIL has designed and custom built 50 NZTA approved truck and trailer units creating greater logistic efficiencies for TIL customers.

These units are known as High Productivity Performance Vehicles (HPMV’s), offering 23 meters in length with 9 axles allowing a 30 tonne payload.  This is an increase of 6 tonnes.  With these units carrying more we are able to have fewer trucks on the road which is great for the public and the environment.
These units all have the latest safety features, including Anti-lock Braking Systems, Electronic Braking Systems and Roll Stability Systems.  These units are perfect for New Zealand roads and offer the driver an added bonus of a very smooth ride.
(below one of our HPMV units)