TIL Logistics Group Limited
Private Bag 2040
New Plymouth 4342
New Zealand

View and Update Your Shareholder Details

To view your investment portfolio, supply your email address for electronic communication, change your address, and update your payment instructions relating to TIL Logistics Group, please visit https://investorcentre.linkmarketservices.co.nz.

You will require your CSN/Holder Number and Authorisation Code (FIN) to securely access and update your shareholding details. If you have previously set-up an Link Investor Centre Portfolio, you can use your email and password to access your shareholding details.

You can also download forms from here. 

Alternatively, you can contact our Registry, Link Market Services, using one of the following methods:

Email: enquiries@linkmarketservices.com

Mail: Link Market Services Limited
PO Box 91976, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Fax: +64 9 375 5990
Phone: +64 9 375 5998

General Investor Enquiries